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Cavity Oscillator Diode Gunn 10 GHz X-Band radio amateur


Siemens RW1125D 10GHz 15W Traveling Wave Tube - TWT


Weinschel 1427-4 Termination 50 Ohm DC-10GHz 25W N-Male


Horn antenna X- Ku-band 9.41 9.90 10.55 GHz WR-90 17dBi 10GHz Microwave Link


Andrews CommScope 4' 10 ghz Microwave Dish


KJB DD802 10Ghz RF Detector Wireless And Wired Hidden Cameras GPS Audio Video


LawGrade Defender Simple 10GHZ - DD802


1 Watt 30 dbm 10 ghz Microwave Television transmitter Used STL TV/Link Bridge


ADL5519 Dual Channel RF Power Meter for ARDUINO or stand-alone 1 MHZ - 10 GHZ


Horn antenna X- Ku-band 8.2 12.4 GHz WR-90 Waveguide 17dBi 10GHz Microwave Link


1pc 8-10GHz 10dB Microwave amplifier 028-110820-001/028-110821-001 *4A


Spy Hawk Law Grade Counter Surveillance PRO Sweep 10GHz - Radio Frequency Det...


1MHz~10GHz -50~0dBm RF power meter Can set RF Power Attenuation value


Horn antenna X-band 8.2 12.4 GHz WR-90 Waveguide 17.7dBi 10GHz Microwave Link


AD8317 1M~10GHz 60dB Amplifier Logarithmic Controller. RF Signal Power Detection


AD8317 Amplifier RF Signal Detection Power Meter Logarithmic Detector 1M-10GHz


5-10GHz 19dB Gain 5V LNA, NF=2dB, GNA-902F, New, SMA


MTC5589 10GHz SMA Frequency synthesizer radio frequency locked loop oscillator


100 KHZ-10 GHZ OLED RF Power Meter -60~0dBm + Sofware RF Attenuation Value


RF power meter Power meter 1MHz ~ 10GHz -50 ~ 0dBm RF power attenuation value


AD8317 RF Signal Power Meter Logarithmic Detector Controller 1M-10GHz 60dB Hot


LNC X-Band 10GHZ C-120 Flange down-converter ATV LNB


7-10GHz 30dB 25dBm SMA RF microwave VGC gain control amplifier


used 8-10GHz state owned Yantai radio three factory radio frequency microwave


GMI 10 GHz X-Band VCO TWIN Oscillator Signal Source 10 Ghz


X band 10 ghz microwave HIGH POWER isolator circulator load termination


Applied Microwave AML C-261-10 10dB Directional Coupler 4-10GHz - Sold by W5SWL


New Sleuth Gear Defender Maxi-Tech Defender 10 GHz Personal Bug GPS Detector!


HP AGILENT 53131 53132 53181 8G simple option Frequency Counter 100M-10GHz dl45


Sleauthgear Law-Grade Counter Surveillance Pro Sweep 10Ghz - Equipped With Both


MERRIMAC RF Microwave Coaxial Attenuator AU-25A sn/43080 1 -10GHz


ALCATEL 6.4-10GHz 19dB SMA RF RF Coaxial Isolator




TESLA 209SR52 140mW 10GHz reflex klystron from DRL-7 surveillance dispatch radar


High Precision AD8317 RF Power Meter Logarithmic Detector Controller 1M-10GHz


VARIAN KLYSTRON VA-883DM Microwave Electron Tube WR112 C-BAND 7.05-10GHz SerNo33


Analog Devices ADL5519 DUAL RF Log-Linear Detector 1 MHZ - 8 GHZ, 10 GHZ max


Spy Hawk Law Grade Counter Surveillance PRO Sweep 10GHz - Radio Frequency + Lens