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Balinese Statue

Balinese Nude Women Statue Sculpture Abstract hand carved wood Mas Bali Art


Enlightened Buddha Mask Statue Hand Carved Wood Wall art Balinese Art Blue


Dolphin Statue Balinese hand carved beautiful Indonesian Mahogany wood 6'+ tall


Balinese Legong Dancer Statue Sculpture Hand Carved Wood Bali Art 20"


Balinese Ganesha Statue Silver Bronze Remover of Obstacles Hindu Art Sculpture


Ganesha statue Elephant Remover Obstacles Balinese Art carved wood sculpture


Balinese Teaching Buddha statue Vitarka Pose hand Carved Wood Sculpture Bali Art


20" Large Vintage Balinese Hand Carved Wood Topless Lady Sculpture Woman Statue


Teaching Vitarka Buddha Statue Hand Carved Wood Sculpture Balinese Buddhist art


Balinese Ganapati Ganesha Wood Carving handmade Statue sculpture Bali Art


Thinking Abstract Sculpture Balinese Hand Carved Wood Statue Bali Art


Prosperity Laughing Buddha and Dragon Statue Balinese hand carved wood Art


Hand Carved Mermaid Sea Goddess Statue wood Carving sculpture Balinese Art


Kwan Yin Bodhisattva wood carving Statue Buddhist Goddess Sculpture Balinese Art


Octopus Wood Carving cephalopod Sea life Sculpture Statue Handmade Balinese art


BUDDHA Mudra Blessing HANDS Statue Hand Carved Wood Sculpture Balinese Art


Balinese Peacock Dancer Sculpture Hand Carved & Painted Wood Statue Bali Art


Abstract Yoga Women Statue Mudra Wood Carving Sculpture handmade Balinese art


Ganesha Remover of Obstacles Statue Carved Wood sculpture Balinese Hindu Art


Ganesha Statue Elephant God Lord of Success Balinese art wood carving sculpture


Ganesha On Lotus Statue Remover of Obstacles Carved Wood sculpture Balinese Art


Vitarka Teaching Buddha Sculpture Lotus Pose carved wood statue Balinese art


Blue Elephant Statue Figure hand Carved Painted Wood Balinese Art Boho Decor


Meditating Yoga Statue Lotus Pose Asana handmade Wood Carving Balinese Art


BEAUTIFUL - Hand Carved 7" Wooden ELEPHANT Wood Statue by Balinese Crafter


Octopus sculpture cephalopod Marine life Statue Balinese art wood carving


Signed Bali Balinese Wooden Carved Native Figure Statue Sculpture Bust Man Tiki


Ganesha Statue Remover of Obstacles Carved wood sculpture Balinese Hindu Art


Ganapati Ganesha Statue Vehicle Peacock carved wood sculpture Balinese Art


Ganapati Ganesha Statue Elephant God Hand Carved Wood sculpture Balinese Art


Ganapati Ganesha Statue Remover of Obstacles Carved Wood sculpture Balinese Art


Thoughtful Thinking Buddha Statue Sculpture handmade Carved Wood Balinese Art


Mermaid Goddess Statue Sculpture Hand Carved Wood Carving Balinese


Abstract Art Kissing Feet Above Hand Carved Wood Balinese Wood Statues Indonesia


Vintage Balinese Dewi Tara Bronze Statue Lost wax cast Hindu Buddhist Art


Saraswati Statue Wood Carving Hindu Goddess of Art Culture Balinese Sculpture


Balinese Mermaid Parasite Wood Carving hand carved Mushroom Sculpture Bali Art


Yoga Pose Cat Asana Buddha Cats Statue Hand Carved Suar Wood Balinese Art


Mermaid Root Carving Hand Carved Wood Carving Sculpture Balinese Art


Tranquility Buddha Balinese Wood Carving Sculpture Wishing Jewel Mudra Bali Art